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BPI Real Estate Advertising

BPI Bali Real Estate offers Internet Advertising and brokarage for property owners and developers. BPI Bali owns a few easily found websites, where your property will be seen by many visitors. Not just "visitors" but visitors who are searching for Bali Properties. Currently we have about 800 visitors daily interested in Bali property.

For Property Owners

Of course there is an added value if you use a good real estate agent to sell your property. A real estate agent should be able to provide you potential buyers, help you with all the legal work, and other things involved with selling your property.

BPI offers various advertising options for you. Effective listings on our main website, possibly in combination with a listing on one of our mini-sites, or even a complete website specially for your property.

All this with a friendly smile and a no-nonsense approach..

For Developers

If you want (extra) exposure for your property developments, we have several options for you.

A listing on our main site guarantees an listing in Google as well.

In addition, we can list your properties or developments on one of our "theme" sites, and we can create mini-sites for those properties or developments that deserve extra attention.

Show your (potential) client that you go the extra mile...

And for the developers: BPI has shown to be able to sell developments, and even has sold from plan, via a web page only...

BPI Bali Real Estate

BPI Bali Real Estate